Koonpura was started in 2005 out of the need for a proper distribution and sales channel for mushroom farmers. The society, headed by Mr. Jose Prakash, gives training in mushroom farming for those interested. Besides training, Koonpura provides everything necessary for anyone to start mushroom farming; from mushroom spawn to poly bags to chemicals to bed casing, Koonpura has it all.

Besides selling all the necessary items for mushroom farming, Koonpura also buys mushroom from anyone who is ready to sell for a price that will vary based on quality and mushroom type. Memberships are offered to anyone interested, for Rs. 100 per year. And members enjoy added benefits like lower pricing for items sold by Koonpura and better prices for their mushroom when bought by Koonpura. The only requisite to become a member is that you should attend some course on mushroom farming. Though it is not necessary that you should attend Koonpura’s own training session, there are benefits if you do, particularly that of a Government attested certificate which will help you get agriculture loans from banks in India.

Koonpura also sells products that are made from mushroom, like the edible cutlets, samosas, pickles to the cosmetic soaps and more. Products are distributed through various bakeries in the city, although customers are welcomed to visit the main office at Vishnu Nagar, Kaimanam and buy the products directly.

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