Mushroom Farmers and Byproducts Producers Welfare Society, fondly referred to as Koonpura, is a society that was registered in 2005. It was the effort of Shri Jose Prakash, a diploma holder in Agriculture technology, that lead to the formation of Koonpura.

As per Government’s Community Polytechnic scheme, Mr. Jose Prakash organised training sessions on mushroom farming, across selected Government Polytechnic Institutes in Kerala. Though students were enthusiastic about this new course, hardly anyone chose mushroom farming as a mean of livelihood. This led Mr. Jose in to the realisation that there wasn’t a proper distribution and sales channel available for mushroom farmers back then. Thats how Koonpura was born. Based in Kaimanam Trivandrum, Koonpura today has over 300 mushroom farmers as members.

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